Ever tried part load moving before? Want to know all its Pro’s and Con’s? Read on we’ll help you decide whether part load moving is the best decision for you!

Shared MovingAlmost all people experience a move in their life!
Most of the time, people have mixed emotions when moving – Whether it’s an upgrade to a new home, or need to transfer your things to another area, or its work related, and you have to stay at another place, etc.Despite whatever reason, you can’t shake the fact that it’s going to be stressful when you pack and carry all your heavy stuff. That will bring us to the topic of moving companies, specifically, ones that have “part load” moving.

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What’s part load moving? You ask?
Part load moving, sometimes also called shared load moving, is just as its name suggests. It is a type of paid moving service that involves two or more customers using the same moving vehicle. (Van, Truck, etc.) As opposed to your regular moving (one customer per trip/ride).
People usually go for this type for its benefits, one of which is a different price range, but it’s also not without its shortcomings, as there are also quite a few downsides to using this moving service.

Our top Pros and Cons of part load moving
Among many of the reasons why people choose part load moving are:
• It is cheaper because it allows a sharing of payment! You only pay for what space you use and not the entirety of the area!
• Faster and more convenient and it’s a great plus when you’re moving with stuff that’s not too large and cumbersome.
• Perfect for those on a tight budget and without the means to move their belongings themselves
• Stricter time management. There’s a need to be on-time (sometimes they even require to be ready ahead of time) because you’re sharing with another paying customer.
• Your destination has to coincide with your co-customer.
• Not a con, but some customers find it a bit uneasy when they are sharing their personal belongings with another person.

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