Astronomy Binocular RatingsMany entrepreneurs, and South Africans are most definitely not excluded from this, are hesitant to move to the online world when it comes to their businesses and ventures. The problem is that most businesses put up a website and after 6 months of not doing anything else, proclaim the Internet as just a fad when it comes to generating enquiries and sales.

This is where the problem lies. A website is very similar to a ad. Having a website designed is like having an advertisement designed. Once the advertisement is designed, you place this advertisement where your target customers can see it (be that next to a busy road, in a trade journal or on a flyer handed out at a convention).

Similarly, a website must be “shown” to your target customers, whether you operate in a business-to-business (B2B) industry or a business-to-consumer (B2C) industry. This happens when you actively promote your website. This promotion can be done in many different ways.

Search Engine Optimization is a very powerful way of driving targeted traffic to your website in a very cost-effective manner. Websites such as makes use of SEO to drive visitors to their site who are interested in binoculars for astronomy, as well as hunting and birding.

In much the same way, a local business like a plumber, electrician or a moving company can harness the power of the search engines to drive new business.